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Offline engagement

Listen..   Decode...   Open the data
without Wifi, Bluetooth or internet, just the sound..

What is Escuch@ndo?

It is our detection engine!

It detects our SoundTags.
SoundTags are sound signals embedded in the sound. Once the engine detects them it triggers an action in the app.
Through SoundTags we can link TV or radio ads with mobile phones without the need for internet, or create a new engagement/publicity channel for video marketing, or link venues, events and products with an offline call-to-action

How it works?

this flow is how we connect any content, gamification, coupon, marketing or information from a sound source like a publicity spot, a song, anthem or any other audio with smartphones: 



The user opens the app.



The detection mode is activated and the app is listening for our SoundTags from the sound source.



The moment the SoundTags are detected will trigger an action in the app, like a click-to-buy, a coupon, trivia or any other call to action in a peer-to-peer transaction without any server calls

2nd screen

sync the 2nd screen through the sound from any sound source like:

User cases

sync offline publicity, sponsors messages, link with products, click-to-buy, deep-links to stores, and more:

Real time.


indentify and talk to the user who is viewing your TV show, listening to your radio program and/or is watching your videos



extend your sponsorship message beyond the TV screen or radio and into the mobile phones of your public



products can connect directly with the users' phones straight from videos that boost the product awareness that leads to conversions


    Fun and engaging

    let the users speak their mind in a fun and    
    engaging way through polls and trivia's in a
    wide range of issues relevant to the situation
    or product being shown


2nd screen

we can also sync your own content like information about the venue, program, opening times, some history and even the weather



boost your brand in social networks and target your users on the social networks, eliminating repeat audience costs


In all this demos we disconnect the phone into airplane mode and the app starts the offline detecting of our SoundTags in the sound from this sources:
1- A TV show
2- A radio show
3- OTT broadcast
In all the cases our SoundTags were inserted in the opening soundtracks of the shows. When the detection takes place it triggers a coupon.

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